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White-label nutrition content examples

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Creating valuable, evidence-based nutrition resources for your clients is one of the greatest challenges as a coach.


This is because the field of nutrition is highly complex and requires a lot of ATTENTION and TIME. This is TIME that should be spent working with clients, calls and providing support. 


If you become part of the Ubuntu Tribe, you will no longer need to spend time working on nutritional content! 


Our highly skilled and qualified writers will break down the latest nutritional research to bite-size chunks that you can brand and use as your own! 

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All of these resources are white-label, meaning you can edit and brand them as your own materials...

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White-label nutrition content examples

9 Reasons to join the Ubuntu Tribe

Reason #1: Easy to Edit

We use Canva for our designs, but also offer powerpoint versions

Reason #2: No attribution required

Once you download them, they are YOURS to do what you like!

Reason #3: Nutrition, health & performance

Our content is tailored toward all different coaches!

Reason #4: User-Friendly

Provide your clients with easy-to-read PDF guides

Reason #5: Evidence-Based

Our writers have Master's degrees and other nutritional qualifications in nutrition

Reason #6: Time-Saving!

It takes just two minutes to edit and brand our resources as your own!

Reason #7: Affordable

Our monthly membership costs a lot less than the time it would take for you to make these resources!

Reason #8: Sellable

You can take our resources and sell them on your website or online store!

Reason #9: Scalable

There is no limit to the amount of people you sell/give our resources to!

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This is the White-Label Annual Membership (Platinum) with which you will receive a years’ worth of access to our white-label content, all of the coaching tools and the Stacked All-in-One Coaching Programme (White-Label). 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the term given to products that can be purchased and resold without attributing the original creator. However, the product must be explicitly labelled as such, and there are few companies that do this with nutritional content. 


You will be able to brand it completely as your own product, add your brand colors, logo and whatever else you see fit. No attribution is necessary. 

This rarely happens, but in the off chance that you are not satisfied with the resources, you have 30 days from your purchase where you can request (with reasoning) a full refund, and will be gladly returned. 

We already have a body of resources available in the platform, all of which you will get instant access to upon signing up. 


In addition, each month we publish two articles, two PDF guides and two social media posts as well as a Research Breakdown, all of which is 100% white-label. 


Great question, each resource can be downloaded as a powerpoint file and a Canva template. The powerpoint can be easily edited (tutorial videos available) and saved as a PDF.


The Canva file will open as it’s own document in your personal Canva account and can be exported as a PDF template for easy sending to your clients.