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Welcome to the BONUS section of Research Bites! Here we will provide an abundance of resources that you can use for your own routine and lifestyle, but also for your coaching, presenting and/or teaching! The resources below are for your use, and should not be distributed to other members. 


All of these resources are available as white-label products that you can distribute to your clients, athletes and teams. You can download these and edit, brand and sell them as your very own product! Simply go to our store and use the coupon code: LOYAL21 for 50% off these resources for being a loyal member! 

PDF Guides

Sleep Guide

Improve your sleep with these practical strategies!

Carbohydrate Manual

How many carbohydrates do you really need for performance?

Managing Tummy Issues

Some strategies to manage tummy issues during exercise or competition

Choosing Supplements

Some tips and strategies for selecting the most effective supplements

Hydration 101

All you need to achieve and maintain optimal hydration levels!

Podcast & Video

Nutrition for GAA (Part I)

Mark Germaine answers all your questions about GAA nutrition

Performance Nutrition

Evan joins 'Pushing Limits' to chat all things nutrition

Haeloo Nutrition

Leah chats with Patrick about all things behaviour change

Blog Articles

Nutrition for GAA (Part II)

Mark Germaine answers more questions about GAA nutrition

'Pushing Limits Podcast'

Patrick and Evan join the 'Pushing Limits' Podcast

Antidiet Dietician

Astrid joins Patrick to chat about nutritional myths and stigmas

Nutrition - Not Just about Right or Wrong?

Evan join Fastrunning.com to talk about his approach to performance nutrition

Appetite 101

Evan outlines the process of appetite regulation in a simplified article!

Digestive Enzymes

Patrick writes a basic introduction to digestive enzymes!

Omega 3 & Muscle Function

Patrick highlights some of the research around Omega-3 supplementation
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The Ubuntu Podcast

Video Hub

Simple breakdowns of each article!
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Send us a specific article or simply a general area of nutrition that you want us to dive into! We will get to it this or next month! 

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