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Are all Calories Created Equal?

Are 100 calories from chocolate the same as 100 calories from *insert any perceived healthy food here* Yes, those 100…

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Is Creatine Dangerous?

Creatine has often been purported to have negative implications for health but are these claims warranted?   Not at all.…

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Is Sugar Fattening?

Is Sugar Fattening?   The debate we all recognize and the first instalment of our β€œ12 days of Christmas Nutrition”…

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3 Tips for Coaching till’ Christmas

Summary Introduction Tip 1 – Attract the right clients with the right expectations Tip 2 – Don’t rely on just…

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Woman sleeping in bed with grey sheets

How important is sleep?

Sleep is for the strong; not the weak.   How often do you come across on inspirational Instagram or YouTube…

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