We are two sports and performance nutritionists that came together when chatting on a podcast episode! We realised the likeness and alignment in each others’ vision and have put our skills together to deliver this amazing and informative platform to you!

Evan Lynch

BSc. Food Science & Health | PG Dip. Dietetics

MSc. Sports & Exercise Nutrition (c)

I am is a sports nutrition specialist and I work with a wide range of athletes ranging from professional cyclists, triathletes, Olympic marathon runners & race walkers and a whole host of high level athletes from high jumping, weight lifting, GAA, soccer & rugby. I work with Athletics Ireland and Dublin City University Athletics and I have done consultancy work with Cycling Ireland. I have special interest in the areas of female athlete nutrition, exercise induced gastric issues & disordered eating, all of which I hope to bring to your fingertips in a coherent manner!

Email me: fitnutspectrumfitness@gmail.com

Patrick McCarthy

BSc. Sport & Exercise Sciences | MSc. Human Nutrition

PgDip Performance Nutrition (c)

I am a performance nutritionist with several years experience in the domain during which I have worked with elite sports teams and athletes. I have completed a BSc. in Exercise Science which I have paired with a Master’s in Nutrition. This along with my in-the-field experience has provided me with the tools to break down and deliver research to your fingertips in an understandable and communicable manner.

Email me: ubuntunutrition@gmail.com

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