The Ubuntu Way


We help engage your audience through customisable digital products for client education, client development and social media growth 

White-label Content

We create white-label digital products for nutrition professionals and coaches. White-label content is a form of digital product that you customise, brand and use as your own. Upon subscribing you will receive access to monthly white-label content bundles. Our white-label content is editable via Canva, making your content creation process seamless and time-efficient. Check out the video below to see how you can use our platform. 

Educational Content

We create evidence informed educational content for your clients.

Our content follows a logical flow, beginning with basics concepts and progressing naturally from there. 

Each content piece is written with the consumer in mind. Designed and written in a manner that is easy to understand but at the same time providing adequate clarity and background science to educate to your clients. 

Once you access your content, all you have to do is add your logo where instructed and change the colour scheme if desired. 

Book mockup on the topic of macronutrient.A deep dive into what they are and their roles

Coaching Tools

All too often coaches get caught up in the process of content creation and forget about the tangible requirements of their clients. 

We create fully brandable coaching tools that clients can use to improve their nutrition and nutrition related behaviours. 

Woman completing weekly meal planner on a laptop

Social Media Templates

Social media is a one stop shop for showcasing your services and generating new client leads. 

Our social media templates are designed to help you provide value and generate genuine interest in you, your services and your social media content. 

From elegant designs to using better CTA’s, our social templates have increasing your revenue in mind.  

Mock-up of white-label social media posts

Coaches Community

Man on laptop exploring our facebook coaches community

We aren’t just a white-label content service, we are proudly developing a Coaching Community that aims to help coaches flourish and grow. 

Group discussions and Q&A events are just some of the ways we aim to help and engage our community. 

The ultimate goal is to develop and sharpen the tools in your “Nutritionist tool box”. 

Choose Ubuntu. 


Supporting Subheading

This is the term given to products that can be purchased and resold without attributing the original creator. However, the product must be explicitly labelled as such, and there are few companies that do this with nutritional content. 


You will be able to brand it completely as your own product, add your brand colors, logo and whatever else you see fit. No attribution is necessary. 

All of our designs are optimized for easy editing in Canva. We are doing our best to make it as easy and time-efficient as possible for you to go in and download the content. 

reat question, each resource can be downloaded as a powerpoint file and a Canva template. The powerpoint can be easily edited (tutorial videos available) and saved as a PDF.


The Canva file will open as it’s own document in your personal Canva account and can be exported as a PDF template for easy sending to your clients. 

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The group roundtables will be help on the last Wednesday of every month. In these, we will go through Q & A’s and talk about some of the latest updates in nutritional science, coaching and health. 


To attend, simply wait for the Zoom link to be emailed around the 14 – 16th of each month. 


We hope to up the to bi-weekly sessions once we get the platform fully up and running.

We already have a body of resources available in the platform, all of which you will get instant access to upon signing up. 


In addition, each month we publish two articles, two PDF guides and two social media posts as well as a Research Breakdown, all of which is 100% white-label. 

This rarely happens, but in the off chance that you are not satisfied with the resources, you have 7 days from your purchase where you can request (with reasoning) a full refund, and will be gladly returned.