The Ultimate Nutrition Social Bundle

Get Access to 200+ nutrition social media templates with viral designs, pre-written captions and scientific references. Save days worth of work and don’t compromise on quality! 

$79 $799



The Ultimate Social Media Bundle Saving You hours every Day!

'Viral' Optimized Design

These posts are fully designed by marketing professionals, in order to captivate viewers, stop them from scrolling and generate followers!

Easy to Edit

All the designs are available within Canva, and with just a few clicks, you can add your branding and colors to the designs. 

$79 $799

Pre-written Captions

Every design comes with a fully written caption, which are carefully crafted by qualified and professional nutritionists (MSc. degrees). 

10 Common Themes

The social media posts are split into 10 different nutrition and health themes including fat loss, muscle gain, diets, supplements and more!

How it Works

The ultimate social media bundle is all built within Canva. Simply click the template link after payment and the library of over 200 posts will open in your app!

No downloading necessary! Simply create a free Canva account, and click the template link for each social media pack!

On your social media page directly, email marketing, as free educational resources for your clients, as webhooks for email contacts, sell them as your own! 

This is a term that means all of the content can be used as your own intellectual property for distribution. 

The only thing that you cannot do is sell the content as your own white label. 

Yes! That is our main selling point at Ubuntu Nutrition! Every word of our content has been carefully crafted by qualified nutritionists with MS in the field. 

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4.8 / 5


Icee Guinto

I am totally loving all the monthly templates! I am not creative when it comes to putting PDFs, presentations and graphics together, so all the templates have been extremely helpful. Thank you, Ubuntunutrition!


Bob Duff

Really good, well researched content. The guys very trustworthy with what they send out and I’d highly recommend them!! Pleasure to deal with on any issue or questions you might have for them


Derek Morris

Great service and very customizable which is awesome. Nice to have some extra content as well for my clients without taking loads of time to create it which allows more time to be free for serving clients and marketing 👍

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