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Your Nutrition Social Media DONE FOR YOU!

163 done-for-you unbranded social media posts (WITH CAPTIONS)

What Do I get?

In the Ultimate Nutrition Social Media Bundle, you get access to 148 designed, expertly-written social media posts for your nutrition coaching business. 

Save 1000’s of hours with 6-months of ready-to-post content. Design, captions, scientific references all included!! 

The Muscle Gain Pack ($299 Value)

20 x social media posts with pre-written captions, references and HQ images

Female Nutrition Pack ($199 Value)

15 x social media posts to attract and educate female followers and potential clients 

Fat Loss Pack ($299 Value)

25 x info-packed posts to educate your clients about the evidence-informed nutrition principles for successful and sustainable weight loss

Sustainable Diets Pack ($199 Value)

15 x social media posts outlining the science behind Intermittent Fasting, plant-based dieting and the Ketogenic Diet. 

Safe Supplementation Pack ($299 Value)

15 x social media posts about evidence-informed supplements

Sports Nutrition Pack ($249 Value)

20 x social media posts about evidence-informed sports nutrition recommendations

The Mediterranean Diet Pack ($199 Value)

20 x social media posts about the healthiest diet on earth, and how to improve diet quality

Habits & Behavior Change Pack ($179 value)

18 x posts about the science and research of habit and behavior change 

Busy Professionals Pack ($199 value)

15 x posts with tips for busy workers, parents for eating out, snacking at work, quick meals to cook and more!


The Ultimate Nutrition Social Media Bundle

163 Done-for-You Social Media Posts

  • Muscle Gain (x20) 
  • Female Nutrition (x15)
  • Fat Loss (x25)
  • Sustainable Diets (x15)
  • Safe Supplementation (x15)
  • Sports Nutrition (x20)
  • Mediterranean diet (x20)
  • Habits & Behavior Change (x18)
  • Busy Professionals Pack (x15)


What Can I do with these Resources?

Post them on Your Social Media

Add your colors and logos to your designs, copy the captions and post them on your social media in less than 60 seconds!!

Use the Designs as Infographs, Presentation Materials

You have access to the raw Canva files and can use the Infographs as many times as you want and in whatever content you want!

Use the captions as video scripts, coaching resources

Every single caption is carefully written by an expert in this field and can be used as a script to your video, as a learning resource for clients and more!

All posts come with pre-written captions!

A design is only half the battle! You no longer need to spend hours researching captivating, evidence-informed captions for your posts. We have them all DONE FOR YOU!! 

We Have A 5-Star Rating
on TrustPilot!

Sick of spending 100's of hours on social media?

❌ As a self-employed nutrition coaches you have many different roles that you balance on any given day.



❌ Between social media, business development, client recruitment, system and process construction, actual face-to-face work with clients and many more, it can be overwhelming.



❌ These all take precious time away from your coaching service, which needs to be the MAIN product. Yet literally 100’s of hours are poured into creating your nutrition programs, educational resources, how-to guides and more! 


✅ What if there was a source of all your social media posts, already designed, with pre-written captions, sitting in Canva, ready to post?! 


I know what you're thinking...


“I prefer to make all of my own resources, I don’t trust anyone else”



✅ In the Ultimate Nutrition Bundle, all of our content is written by highly qualified nutrition coaches.


✅ And if that isn’t enough, all of the resources are created within Canva. This means you can adjust and edit the language, writing, design in a couple of simple clicks!

Total Value: $2,500

You Pay: $199

66% Off: $47


The ubuntu service is top class. The information provided is up to date, scientifically backed and is easy to understand. My clients love the pdf booklets full of useless info and tips. I would recommend the service to all nutritionists, dieticians, personal trainers etc.

Conor McNamee | Coach, Gym Owner


What we usually get asked by our customers!

This is the term given to products that can be purchased and resold without attributing the original creator. However, the product must be explicitly labelled as such, and there are few companies that do this with nutritional content. 

You will be able to brand it completely as your own product, add your brand colors, logo and whatever else you see fit. No attribution is necessary. 

Yes, all of our content is made in Canva, and can be easily edited!

You absolutely can!! As soon as you pay for the pack, the files are YOURS for selling directly on your store, to your clients, etc.

Whilst we do provide a monthly subscription, this is a once-off payment! You simply pay this one-time payment, and the content is yours forever!

Some of the images in the designs are from Canva Premium, but you can simple swap them out for free alternatives. 

A two-page PDF will be made available AND emailed to you with all of the Canva links

We do! Email info@ubuntunutrition.com for more info!

9 Reasons this Pack is a No Brainer!

Reason #1: Easy to Edit

We use Canva for our designs, but also offer powerpoint versions

Reason #2: No Attribution Required

Once you download them, they are YOURS to do what you like! ​

Reason #3: Not just for Nutrition Coaches

Our content is tailored toward all different coaches! ​

Reason #4: User-Friendly​

Provide your clients with easy-to-read PDF guides​

Reason #5: Evidence-Based

Our writers have Master's degrees and other nutritional qualifications in nutrition​

Reason #6: Time-Saving!​

It takes just two minutes to edit and brand our resources as your own! ​

Reason #7: Affordable​

Our monthly membership costs a lot less than the time it would take for you to make these resources!​

Reason #8: Sellable​

You can take our resources and sell them on your website or online store!

Reason #9: Scalable​

There is no limit to the amount of people you sell/give our resources to!​

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